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Academic Advisement and Fyrst Seminar 106B Bailey Library x2009
Academic Affairs 308 Old Main


Academic Records and Summer School 107 Old Main x2010
Academic Services 106 Bailey Library x2012
Accounting Services 103 Old Main x2088
Accounts Payable 002 Old Main x2025
Accounts Receivable 103 Old Main x2008
Admissions Office 146 North Hall Welcome Center x2015
Advancement 100 Old Main x2004
AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) 001D Strain Behavioral Science Building x2875
Alumni Engagement Russell Wright Alumni House and Conference Center x2018
APSCUF (Association of Pennsylvania State, College and University Faculty) 204 Spotts World Culture Building x2101
Army ROTC 101 Lowry Center x2019
Art Department Art Building I (Second Floor) x2020
Athletics 102 Morrow Field House x2021

Biology Department 300 Vincent Science Center x2023
Bookstore, SGA Robert M Smith Student Center x2104
Bridge Project, The 007E Strain Behavioral Science Building x2121
Budget and Fiscal Planning 203 Old Main x2024
Business, Information and Social Sciences, College of 105 Eisenberg Classroom Building x2008
Business, School of 110 Eisenberg Classroom Building x4865

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Campus Recreation/Aebersold Student Recreation Center (ARC) 117 ARC x4800
Career Education & Development 124 Bailey Library x2028
Cashiering Office 104 Old Main x2229
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Educational Technology 212 Bailey Library x2473
Center for Government Contracting Assistance 006 Eisenberg Classroom Building x2346
Center for Lifelong and Community Learning 165 Elm St.
Slippery Rock, PA 16057
Center for Student Involvement and Leadership 234 Robert M. SMith Student Center x2092
Central Receiving Receiving Building I x2087
Chemistry Department 272 Advanced Technology and Science Hall x2031
Child Care Center 007 McKay Education Building x2102
Communication Department 222 Eisenberg Classroom Building x2032
Computer Science Department 275 Advanced Technology and Science Building x2040
Conference Services 102 Robert M. Smith Student Center x2027
Contracts 005A Old Main x2026
Cooperative Activities 102H Robert M. Smith Student Center x2103
Counseling Center 118 Rhoads Hall x2034
Counseling and Development Department 104 Carruth Rizza Hall x2035

Dance Department 110 Morrow Field House x2036
Diversity and Equal Opportunity 305 Old Main x2016

Education, College of 105 McKay Education Building x2007
Elementary Education/Early Childhood Department 104 McKay Education Building x2042
English Department 314 Spotts World Culture Building x2043
Enrollment Services 116 North Hall Welcome Center x4868
Environmental Health and Safety 145 Kiester Road x2055
Extended Learning Center Center for Lifelong and Community Learning
165 Elm Street
Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences Department 304 Patterson Hall x4864

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Facilities and Planning Maintenance Center x2073
Family Connection Center for Student Involvement and Leadership
B105 University Union
Finance and Administrative Affairs 301 Old Main x2002
Financial Aid 107 Maltby Center x2044
Frederick Douglass Institute 100 Dinger Special Education Building x2615

Geography, Geology and the Environment Department 319 Advanced Technology and Science Hall x2048
Gerontology Program 216G Strain Behavioral Science Building x2050
Government Contracting Assistance Center 006 Eisenberg Classroom Building x2346
Graduate Admissions 105 North Hall Welcome Center x2051
Grants and Sponsored Research 009 Patterson Hall x2045
Global Engagement (Office for) 004 Spotts World Culture Building x2057

Health, Environment and Science, College of 325 Physical Therapy Building x4862
Health Services McLachlan Student Health Center (Rhoads Hall) x2052
History Department 212 Spotts World Culture Building x2053
Honors Program 336 Patterson Hall x4003
Human Resources 205 Old Main x2070
Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts, College of 104 Strain Behavioral Science Building x4863

Information and Administrative Technology Services 200 Maltby Center x2800
ID Card Office 157 Watson Hall x2100
Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) Center for Lifelong and Community Learning
165 Elm Street
Institutional Research 208 Old Main x2099
Institutional Review Board (IRB) 008 Patterson Hall x4846

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Language Center 116 Strain Behavioral Science Building x4323
Leadership Development Department Leadership Development Center, North Road x4334
Library 206 Bailey Library x2058

Macoskey Center Robert A. Macoskey Center for Sustainable Systems Education and Research
247 Harmony Road
Mailing Services Stores Building I x2059
Mathematics Department 200 Vincent Science Center x2061
McKeever Environmental Learning Center 55 McKeever Lane,
Sandy Lake, PA. 16145
Modern Languages and Cultures Department 119 Strain Behavioral Science Building  x2062
Multicultural Development 234 Robert M. Smith Student Center x2700
Music Department 224 Swope Music Hall x2063

Nursing Department 104 Vincent Science Center x2065

Orientation 108 North Hall Welcome Center x2067

Parking Office 102 University Union x4785
Parks and Recreation Department 102 Patterson Hall x2068
Payroll 203 Old Main x2069
PCEE (Pennsylvania Center for Environmental Education) 164 South Main St.
Slippery Rock, PA 16057
Perkins/NDSL 004 Old Main x2064
Philosophy Department 003 Spotts World Culture Building


Physical and Health Education Department 109 Morrow Field House x2072
Physical Therapy, School of 204 Physical Therapy Building x2080
Physics and Pre-Engineering Department 208 Vincent Science Center x2074
Police (University Police) 145 Kiester Road x3333
Political Science Department 209B Spotts World Culture Building x2075
President's Office 300 Old Main x2000
Printing Services Stores Building I x2076
Professional Studies and Interdisciplinary Programs Department 107 Spotts World Culture Building x4192
Psychology Department 309 Vincent Science Center x2077
Public Health and Social Work Department Jack C. Dinger Building x2267
Public Relations(Office of University) 201 Old Main


Purchasing Office 005 Old Main x2079

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Regional Learning Alliance (at Cranberry Woods) 850 Cranberry Woods Dr.
Cranberry Twp, PA. 16066
Residence Life 105 Watson Hall x2082
Retention Services 112 North Hall Welcome Center x2011
Rocket, The (Student Newspaper) 220B Eisenberg Classroom Building x4438

Safety Management Department 208 Strain Behavior Science Building x2017
SCUPA (State College and University Professional Association B105 University Union x2030
Secondary Education/Foundations of Education Department 114 McKay Education Building x2041
Social Work, Criminology and Criminal Justice Department 004 Spotts World Culture Building x2084
Special Education Department 114 McKay Education Building x2085
Sport Management Department 101 Eisenberg Classroom Building x2060
Sports Information 201 Old Main x2086
Storm Harbor Equestrian Center 1 Storm Harbor Drive x4010
Student Accounts 103 Old Main x2088
Student Conduct 008 Old Main x4985
Student Affairs 302 Old Main x2003
Student Affairs Administration 102 Robert M. Smith Student Center x2038
Student Center Operations 102 Robert M. Smith Student Center x4926
Student Conflict Resolution (Office of) 008 Old Main x4985
Student Development 234 Robert M. Smith Student Center x2525
Student Government Association (SGA) 104 University Union x2656
Student Intervention Services (Office of) 008 Old Main x2507
Student Center Robert M. Smith Student Center
Students with Disabilities, Office for 105 University Union x4877

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Theatre Department 214C University Union x2090
Tutorial Center 106 Bailey Library x2845

University Program Board (UPB) 236 Smith Student Center x4834

Veterans Affairs 107 Maltby Center x2219

Web Communications 204 Old Main x4314
Women's Center 249 Robert M. Smith Student Center x2992
Women's Studies Program 312Q Spotts World Culture Building x2992
Writing Center 301 Spotts World Culture Building x2654
WSRU 88.1 FM C-211 University Union x2655




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