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 Pandemic Preparedness Plan 



This plan is a framework for organizing the University in preparation for pandemic illness. It is expected that all departments will write a Pandemic Preparedness Plan including cross training, redundant supervisory function, and a determination of what work can be completed remotely. This planning framework provides for an across the spectrum approach to pandemic preparedness.

A. The SRU Emergency Operations Plan will be the basis for the Pandemic
    Preparedness Plan process, formatted in the National Incident Management
    System Command Structure.
B. In the event of situation critical/Category 4, it must be assumed that students
    who live in the surrounding community will not leave the area.
C. In the event of situation critical/Category 4 at SRU, policies and protocols for
    financial aid, tuition reimbursement, grades, withdrawal from classes, etc.
    must be in place.
D. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be purchased by SRU for all essential
    function staff that are expected to report and or remain on campus during 
    situation critical/Category 4.
E. When the situation is deemed critical by the President or Chancellor, all
    students must evacuate the university. Permitting them to remain becomes an
    exponentially increasing liability as time passes.
F. SRU doesn’t have the capacity, or services, for large groups of ill people.
G. Local resources may be strained based upon the pandemic severity.
H. Upon situation critical/Category 4, essential services include: police, health
    services, heating plant, waste disposal, winter road crew, dining services for
    essential function staff, housing for essential function staff and administrative
    oversight with senior manager and Emergency Management Advisory Board.
    Assumptions are that payroll and human resources are essential, but will be
    performed remotely.
I.  PA Department of Health Point of Distribution (POD) locations will be utilized
    for medication/vaccine during the pandemic.

Pandemic Preparedness Plans (PDF):
Provost & Dean’s Council
Public Relations
Information Technology
Environmental Health & Safety
International Services
Human Resources
Finance and Administrative Controls
Facilities and Planning
Student Life (Health Services, Residence Life, Dining Services, Police, 
and Counseling Center)
Pandemic Planning Matrix Department Template

SRU Interpretation of CDC Severity Index

Campus Shelter in Place and Campus Close-Down Policy and Protocol