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 Self-Study Committee Members 



Steering Committee

The Self-Study Steering Committee is responsible for composing and evaluating the research questions; guiding and coordinating the efforts of the working groups; maintaining open and active communication with the University community regarding the goals, process, and findings of the Self-Study; compiling and editing the final Self-Study Report; and facilitating the visit of the evaluation team. The Self-Study project has the support of the entire University community including the Council of Trustees, community members, the Chancellor of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, and the members of the PASSHE Board of Governors. Each member of the steering committee brings special knowledge of a particular aspect of the community and a desire to learn how that aspect is integrated into the University as a whole. By sharing this collective knowledge and the information gained through this study, the Steering Committee should arrive at a candid comprehensive view of the state of the University.

The members of the Steering Committee are: Co-chairs

Cornelius Cosgrove, PhD, Professor, English

Cynthia Dillon, MA, Assistant to the Provost for Academic Affairs

Working Group Chairs
Carrie Birckbichler, MBA, Director, Institutional Research Diana Dreyer, PhD, Professor Emeritus, English

Thomas Flynn, PhD, Professor, Communication

Jane Smith, MLS, Assistant Professor, Library

James Stubert, Student Representative, Junior History Major Philip Tramdack, MLS, Director, Library

Theresa Wajda, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Business Carlis White, PhD, Assistant Professor, History

Amanda Yale, DEd, Associate Provost, Enrollment Services

Working Groups

The Self-Study Steering Committee formed eight working groups. Each working group will investigate one or more of the standards in the Characteristic of Excellence in Higher Education. Standard 14, Assessment of Student Learning, and Standard 8, Student Admission and Retention, are to be investigated separately because of their crucial nature. A chairperson and an assistant chairperson coordinate the investigations of each working group. The working groups include faculty, students, staff and administrators, thus reflecting the SRU community. The members of the working groups and the standards that they will address are:

Group A: Standard 1, Mission and Goals and Standard 7, Institutional Assessment

Chair: Ms. Jane Smith, Assistant Professor, Library

Assistant to the Chair: Ms. Holly McCoy, Assistant Vice President, Diversity and Social Equity

Dr. Bruce Russell, Dean of the College of Business, Information and Social Science

Dr. Deborah Wolf, Assistant Professor, Nursing

Dr. Mark Campbell, Assistant Professor, Academic Services Ms. Linda Moore, Interim Director, Budget Mr. Ed Hess, Assistant Vice President, Finance and Administration

Group B: Standard 2, Planning, Resource Allocation, and Institutional Renewal and Standard 3, Institutional Resources

Chair: Ms. Carrie Birckbichler, Director, Institutional Research

Assistant to the Chair: Dr. Julie Snow, Associate Professor, Geography, Geology & the Environment

Ms. Margie Riddell, Manager, Payroll

Ms. Kristen Hasychak, Student

Dr. Catherine Massey, Associate Professor, Psychology

Dr. Ed Bucha, Executive Director, Advancement Ms. Nicole Fara, Facilities

Group C: Standard 4, Leadership and Governance and Standard 5, Administration

Chair: Dr. Diana Dreyer, Professor Emeritus

Assistant to the Chair: Dr. Christine Pease-Hernandez, Faculty, Communication

Ms. Deb Pincek, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life

Dr. Betsy McKinley, Professor, Physical Education

Ms. Marcia Kotek, Manager, Human Resources

Ms. Sharon Ash, Student

Dr. Jessamine Montero, Assistant Professor, Academic Services

Group D: Standard 6, Integrity and Standard 10, Faculty

Chair: Mr. Phil Tramdack, Director, Library

Assistant to the Chair: Dr. Tom Daddesio, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Cultures

Ms. Jamie Russell, Assistant Director, Living-Learning Community Development

Mr. Brad Kovaleski, Director, Student Involvement and Leadership

Ms. April Longwell, Director, Honors Program

Mr. Simeon Ananou, Associate Provost, Administrative and Information Technology Services

Group E: Standard 8, Student Admissions and Retention

Chair: Dr. Amanda Yale, Associate Provost, Enrollment Services

Assistant to the Chair: Dr. Mark Shotwell, Associate Professor, Biology

Ms. Connie Laughner-Ramirez, Instructor, Academic Services

Mr. Tony Linnan, Associate Director, Career Services

Ms. Pam Frigot, Director, International Initiatives

Mr. Michael White, Assistant Director, Admissions

Mr. Michael Maurer, Student

Group F: Standard 9, Student Support Services and Standard 13, Related Educational Activities

Chair: Dr. Theresa Wajda, Associate Professor, School of Business

Assistant to the Chair: Dr. Chris Cole, Director of University Union

Mr. Justin Griffith, Director, Regional Learning Alliance

Ms. Victoria Lightfoot, Student

Ms. Kris Chiprean, Director, Health Services

Ms. Loraine Stubbs, Assistant Director, Student Involvement and Leadership

Mr. Brian Danielson, Director, Instructional Design

Ms. Sydney Potter, Student

Group G: Standard 11, Educational Offerings and Standard 12, General Education

Chair: Dr. Carlis White, Assistant Professor, History

Assistant to the Chair: Dr. Eva Tsuquiashi-Daddesio, Interim Dean, College of Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts

Mr. James Stubert, Student

Ms. Nancy Cruikshank, Director, Grants and Sponsored Research

Dr. Jerry Chmielewski, Professor, Biology

Ms. Connie Bell, Assistant Director, Academic Records

Groups H: Standard 14, Assessment of Student Learning

Chair: Dr. Tom Flynn, Professor, Communication Assistant to the Chair:                Dr. Susan Hannam, Dean, College of Health, Environment and Science

Dr. Deborah Whitfield, Professor, Computer Science

Dr. Wendy Stuhldreher, Assistant to the Dean, Faculty, College of Health, Environment and Science

Ms. Cathy Brinjak, Assistant Professor, Academic Services

Dr. Junko Yamamoto, Assistant Professor, Secondary Education

Mr. Justin Kleemook, Assistant Director, Residence Life

Ms. Nichole Klingensmith, Student