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 Middle States Self-Study 



Middle States Accreditation

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is a voluntary, non-governmental, membership association that defines, maintains, and promotes educational excellence across institutions with diverse missions, student populations, and resources. The Commission is dedicated to quality assurance and improvement through accreditation via peer evaluation. Middle States accreditation instills public confidence in institutional mission, goals, performance, and resources through its rigorous accreditation standards and their enforcement.

Slippery Rock University Comprehensive Self-Study
Slippery Rock University is reaffirming its accreditation with Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).  The reaccreditation occurs every ten years, providing the university with the opportunity to demonstrate compliance to the fourteen standards as outlined by the Characteristics of Excellence.  

The Slippery Rock University self-study process or peer review is "intended to strengthen and sustain the quality and integrity of higher education, making it worthy of public confidence and minimizing the scope of external control.  The extent to which each educational institution accepts and fulfills the responsibliities inherent in the process is a measure of its concern for freedom and quality in higher education and its commitment to striving for and achieving excellence in its endeavors." - from Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education, Published by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.  

Slippery Rock University faculty, students, staff and administrators hold
significant roles in both the self-study and the evaluation team visit in March.  Several of these individuals serve on the Self-Study Steering Committee or working groups.  Dr. John Ettling, President, SUNY Plattsburgh is the chairperson of the MSCHE evaluation team for Slippery Rock University.  Dr. Ettling and the six other members of the evaluation team will be on campus in March 2011 for an onsite visit.  At that time many individuals on campus will be meeting with the evaluation team to provide them with an accurate picture of the university.  

Our Vision
Slippery Rock University will excel as a caring community of lifelong learners connecting with the world.

Our Mission
The fundamental mission of Slippery Rock University is to provide high quality undergraduate and graduate academic instruction. Complementary missions are to conduct scholarly research, to promote professional performance, and to address the educationally-related economic, health, environmental, social, cultural, and recreational needs of the region served by the university. In accomplishing these missions, Slippery Rock University primarily focuses its efforts on the academic areas of: the arts and sciences, business, communication, computer and information sciences, environmental sciences and studies, health and human services, and teacher education.