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University Advancement 

 Lifetime Giving Clubs 




The purpose of the Lifetime Giving Clubs is to increase the recognition and involvement of our most dedicated alumni and friends whose lifetime giving to Slippery Rock University exceeds $5,000. Members of the Lifetime Giving Clubs are the philanthropic leaders of the University whose gifts have made a tremendous impact on the institution and our students.

Benefits of Membership

Lifetime Giving Club members will be recognized annually in the Rock Magazine and on the University Advancement web site. Occasional feature articles about Lifetime Giving Club members will be developed for Rock Magazine.  Lifetime Giving Club members will be invited to special donor recognition events, such as the Celebration of Giving and other events that may be developed specifically for Lifetime Giving Club members.  Recognition pins for specific giving levels will be presented at University events and Lifetime Giving Club members will be recognized at all University events.

Qualifications for Membership

A lifetime giving history of $5,000. must be achieved to qualify for membership in the Peridot Lifetime Giving Club.  Other levels are:

  • Amethyst Club - $10,000
  • Aquamarine Club - $25,000
  • Ruby Club - $50,000
  • Sapphire Club - $100,000
  • Emerald Club - $500,000
  • Diamond Club- $1,000,000

Lifetime Giving Club Gift Recognition

Lifetime giving club membership is determined based upon the actual gifts received, including in kind contributions.  Pledge commitments are not included.  Gifts from couples are combined but each individual is recognized and will receive a pin.  Matching gifts are included in the individual’s lifetime giving total.  Corporate gifts are recognized but pins are not awarded to corporations or their representatives. 

Unfulfilled bequests are not included in an individual’s lifetime giving total.  Upon receipt of a bequest gift we will recognize the benefactor.