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Slippery Rock University is committed to fully informing its community regarding budget developments. This site has been created to provide faculty, students, staff and other visitors with timely updates, planning processes, and communication regarding the 2013/14 University budget. Please consult this page regularly for the latest information



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Budget suggestions: September 11, 2013

Move the ID office out of Watson to the old Union so SRU doesn't have to pay rent to the Foundation for that space.

The University owns several buildings/houses that could be sold as follows: Vincent House, approximate value $150,000; Fowler Building, approximate value $200,000; two caretakershouses at the Old Stone House, approximate value of both $150,000. These houses are separate from the Old Stone House Building and property. Grand total of proceeds: $500,000. In addition to generating revenue the maintenance cost, utilities, etc. would be eliminated.

Whatever decision is developed for the University's financial problems it should be centered on a long-range plan that takes into account the student demographics for the next five years, so we are not revisiting the same problem every year. Due to demographics, maybe we are no longer a University with 8,000+ students population? Maybe parrying down our facilities and manpower to support a student population of 7,500 makes more sense under the current conditions? If we desire to stay at the 8,000+ base, maybe we need to relax admission’s requirements and work harder at retaining the additional students we bring in, especially from the local area. There are many students that we turn away that move on to one of our competitors and have a successful college career. How many applicants do we turn away in a normal recruiting year? Will lowering our standards slightly during tough budget times really have a drastic effect on our retention rates? Or, is it more important to layoff staff and faculty and keep the standardsthat we are accustom to?

Consider taking back all managers, staff, and faculty raises this year and do an amendment to union contracts to not give raises the next two years. This small sacrifice would be better than losing your job. Staff, Faculty and Managerscould start paying for a parking pass as our students pay their share already and shouldn't have to see an increase in this area when we do not pay anything to park.

Go completely "Green", eliminate paper and use email, scan, electronic forms/PDF as much as possible. That would save on paper, and postage. Also keep the work schedule 8 to 4 year round, power down computers, any unnecessary lighting, temperature controls in the summer and winter would help on utility costs. Offer full-time staff/secretaries the option of working 9 or 10 months a year. Things tend to be slower in the summer months. Do we really need full-time staff in certain areas in the summer? It's understandable that some areas do require year round coverage. I wouldn't have a problem paying a small fee for parking pass, if it can help out the overall budget.

Perhaps the budget icon shouldn't be the first thing prospective students see when the come to the SRU homepage?

Explore the possibility of offering certificate programs in the gas and oil field training in addition to promoting and growing our geology program. Possiblypartner with Shell Oil or Chevron who have signed most of the gas/oil leases throughout West Virginia and PA. I have a niece that graduated from SRU four years ago majoring in Geology who was hired directly out of college by Chevron's Moon Twp. office who has made a great income. Her office continues to grow. This office also employs hundreds of safety management personnel as well. The university should consider 2-year certificate programs to train students to work in this industry and with partnering with these companies they might put money into a start up program. If our demographics are changing we need to consider changing the programs we are teaching.

President Norton

September 30, 2013

Last Friday, the Slippery Rock University Council of Trustees officially approved the fiscal year 2013-14 budget.

As I shared with you earlier this year in my State of the University address, we started the fiscal year with a $5.2 million structural budget deficit.  Through the efforts of many people, we were able to present the trustees with a balanced budget.

So, how’d we do it?
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