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Slippery Rock University is committed to fully informing its community regarding budget developments. This site has been created to provide faculty, students, staff and other visitors with timely updates, planning processes, and communication regarding the 2013/14 University budget. Please consult this page regularly for the latest information



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Budget suggestions: October 22, 2013

I feel when hiring upper level positions with a salary of 50,000 or more they should be able to perform their job without hiring more people to help with said job. There are to many assistants to the assistants to the assistants on campus! This alone would save money & hold people responsible to performing their own said job.

With regard to parking fees, the students are already receiving increased tuition, room and board charges, etc. Why would we consider increasing parking fees for students when staff, faculty, administrators pay nothing to park? Would we be here without the students??? Consider having the staff, faculty, administrators start paying parking. You can't push everything on the students.

Cut back the issues of the Rock Magazine to two per year, one during each of the semesters. Cost per issue is $50,000 and we currently print and mail three issues per year.

Topic: Consolidation of Departments. Example, take McKay Ed combine all three Schools, Elementary Ed, Secondary Ed. and Special Ed, into one room (complex) this would increase efficiency through out the departments. All staff members (Clerk Typist) would learn the otherdepartments duties (cross training) call offs, vacation would be at a more manageable means, and this does not include a rotation of personal on a nine month work schedule. This concept can also extend to Spotts World Culture, History and Political Sceince along with English. With this all other Managers and Directors can have an input on cost saving and maximize efficiency within buildings and departments.

President Norton

September 30, 2013

Last Friday, the Slippery Rock University Council of Trustees officially approved the fiscal year 2013-14 budget.

As I shared with you earlier this year in my State of the University address, we started the fiscal year with a $5.2 million structural budget deficit.  Through the efforts of many people, we were able to present the trustees with a balanced budget.

So, how’d we do it?
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