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Slippery Rock University is committed to fully informing its community regarding budget developments. This site has been created to provide faculty, students, staff and other visitors with timely updates, planning processes, and communication regarding the 2013/14 University budget. Please consult this page regularly for the latest information



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Budget suggestions: October 29, 2013

How about this; lets get rid of all the off campus houses that the University owns. There are two houses down where Rt.173 and Rt. 8 come together. A University employee lives rent free in each house as long as they cut the grass. This makes no sense. What is the purpose of these houses? Get rid of the Old Stone House. Although it is an interesting piece of history, it has nothing to do with Slipper Rock University or SRU culture. Its main purpose seems to be for civil war reenactments. Get rid of the Lowry house. The University is about to sink $70,000 into a place that is not worth it. Move ROTC into the old Student Union, plenty of space there. There are even more off campus houses that just are not a good use of funds.

With a reduced student population there needs to be a reduction in the size of campus. I think we have outgrown ourneeds. Running four dining places, Boozle, Weisenfluh, Student Center, and the Food Cart by North, is a slight overkill. There is a full-size kitchen in North that could be used to open up a small dining facility inside North to support the residents of North Hall and Rhoads. Weisenfluh and the food cart could then go away and be used for other options. Why spend millions of dollars on a renovation of Miller that supports only a very small fraction of campus. Butler Community College has a very nice theater that locals can attend if they want to see a show. Tear down Miller instead. Take the money that would have been used for Miller and put it into other buildings that attract students such as the Safety Major or put money into the Old Union to turn it into a place that students can use at night to relax: pool tables, bowling alley, study lounges, etc. Tear down Kraus Hall and put in a paid parking lot for commuters and town folks to generate revenue instead of a vacant building that detracts from campus and town and still requires maintenance at times. Have SRU specialize in certain majors students want and need to come here. Do away with some of the smaller majors that are no longer desired by todays college age students and majors that are hard to find jobs in after graduation. Sell off the property outside of the main campus.

President Norton

September 30, 2013

Last Friday, the Slippery Rock University Council of Trustees officially approved the fiscal year 2013-14 budget.

As I shared with you earlier this year in my State of the University address, we started the fiscal year with a $5.2 million structural budget deficit.  Through the efforts of many people, we were able to present the trustees with a balanced budget.

So, how’d we do it?
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