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 Small Steps. Big Payoff 



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It's Here Make Your Pledge NOW!!
Make your pledge, reduce your carbon footprint, be a part of the small steps to the big change at SRU!

This fall you will have the opportunity to choose 3 items from the list below to begin making your Small Steps toward our Big Payoff!

  • Turn out the lights and use natural daylight whenever possible
  • Unplug chargers and appliances not in use
  • Power down computers for the night, weekend, and breaks
  • Print less and only double sided
  • Take shorter showers
  • Take the stairs. Use the elevators only when necessary
  • Run outside or on the track instead of on the 5 hp treadmill
  • Don't use the automatic entrance button to buildings unless it is necessary
  • Encourage your friends and family to conserve energy
  • Write in your own energy saving pledge