Charlie Chaplin’s Red Letter Days

SRU and the SR Community Library are pleased to invite you to a special presentation by Pittsburgh mime artist and Chaplin expert Dan Kamin, who trained Robert Downey, Jr. for his Oscar-nominated performance in Chaplin and created Johnny Depp’s physical comedy routines in Benny and Joon.

Dan will introduce Charlie Chaplin’s Red Letter Days. This newly discovered eyewitness account reveals what was going on behind the scenes in Chaplin's fun factory as he was creating the hilarious comedies that rocketed him to worldwide fame. Written by Fred Goodwins, one of the actors in the company, the breezy narrative originally appeared in 1916 as a series of thirty-seven articles in the British magazine Red Letter. Its republication marks a major find for cinema buffs and anyone who has ever been touched by Chaplin's artistry. Dan annotated the book to highlight its many revelations about Chaplin and the familiar faces that populate his films. In his talk, illustrated with colorful images, music and film clips from the period, Dan will reveal the backstory of this fascinating excursion into the private world of Hollywood’s first superstar.

Following the presentation Dan will be available to sign copies. The SGA Bookstore will have copies available for purchase at the show.
This is taking place in the Alumni House.

The presentation is free but feel free to bring book donations or a fiscal contribution for the community library.