Co-ed Dodgeball Tournament

Our very first Co-ed Dodgeball Tournament! The tournament will be taking place at the Butler Township Dek Hockey Rink (468 South Duffy Rd. Butler, PA 16001).

This will be a 1 day Dodgeball Tournament
• There will be a minimum of 6 teams and a maximum of 20 teams for the tournament.
• There is a 10 player roster maximum for each team
• Each team must provide at least one referee for the games they are not playing during the tournament.
• A captain/referee meeting will be held on Thursday November 1st to make sure everyone is comfortable with the rules and to hand out the tournament & referee schedule.
• Matches will be best of 5 or 30 minutes total. In the result of hitting the 30 minute cap, the team with the most games won in that time period will be appointed as winners for that match.
• There will be a 2 minute break in between each game so teams can strategize and make substitutions
• Every team will play each other once before the playoffs start.
• Playoffs will be seeded based on team records.
• Playoffs will be single-elimination.
• The top 12 teams will make the playoffs.
• All playoff matches will be best of 5 with no time cap. The Grand Finals of the Tournament will be a best of 7 match.
• Every player must fill out a medical waiver form to be eligible for play

Visit for links to Registration Forms and Tournament Rules!