Re: Re: Re: Thanks!!!!: Better Business Email

Of all the minor disasters that befall individuals and organizations, among the worst is the dreaded “reply-allcalypse” – a relentless cascade of pointless messages from strangers clogging up your inbox, all because someone hit “reply all” to a mass email. Would you like to learn how to avoid such embarrassing mistakes? While everyone will hit “reply all” at some point, writing efficient and brief email with effective subject lines and inviting content is a difficult skill to learn. This workshop will cover strategies and tips for streamlining email, writing efficiently, enticing your audience to respond and practicing good email etiquette. Learn how to construct your subject line, when to write at length and when to write for quick responses, how to think about attachments and signatures and when to use clip art and backgrounds. Spoiler alert: The answer is never use clip art!