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 SAP Requisition Procedures 



To request services, a purchase requisition must be created in SAP by the requesting department. Obtain all required signatures and submit to the Contracts Office for processing. Provide a complete and detailed description of all services to be provided. This description assures that the contractor clearly understands the service they are to provide. The description must be explicit enough to be enforceable in the event of a dispute.

Attach to the purchase requistion any forms received from Contractor (i.e. maintenance agreements, license agreements, contracts, proposals, etc.). These forms will be reviewed by the Contracts Office for any terms and conditions that are prohibited by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania prior to signing. Only the President or other party specifically delegated by the President in writing may sign a contract. No persons should sign a contract on behalf of the university unless they are specifically delegated to do so. A person without delegation who signs a contract will be acting outside the scope of his or her employment and will be held personally liable for obligations created by the inappropriate signing of the contract.

Services exceeding $1,500.00 require legal review and approval prior to the commencement of the work. Submit the request at least eight weeks in advance of date of commitment. This allows sufficient time to prepare the contract, and obtain the signatures of the contractor and all necessary Commonwealth Offices.

In addition to the above, services exceeding $19,100.00 require competitive bidding. An additional 3-4 weeks is needed for the bid process. Submit a minimum of 3 bidders and detailed specifications describing the services to be provided. When bidding is not possible a statement of justification must be submitted along with the request form stating why you have selected this group, etc. This justification will be reviewed by University Legal Counsel and Office of Attorney General when they consider the contract for approval.

Request for Purchasing Services
To request services such as, but not limited to, equipment rental and maintenance, conference facilities, building services and maintenance, and computer software licenses and maintenance.
To request consultant/guest speaker services
Bus Transportation Request
To request services for bus transportation services. The contractor is Campbell's Bus Lines, Inc.

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