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If you do have not have the adobe acrobat viewer please click here.

Obtaining the Form:

Obtaining the form is very simple. Search through the categorized forms, locate the desired form one is searching for click the form.  The time it takes for the image to display depends on one constraint the size of the document.  The size of the document is located adjacent to the form link.  The display time could take anywhere from several seconds to a couple minutes depending on ones Internet speed and the size of the file.

Inserting Information:

The initial look of the form makes one ponder if it is editable.  Just click in the first area one wants to insert information.  One will notice that a cursor will start blinking indicating the ability to type information.  Please insert the desired information and navigate through the document.  One issue one may encounter is a text area that appears like the image below.

When one one encounters a editable area in a form similar to this a issue will develop quickly.  The issue is that the cursor will not move to the next line below when it reaches the end of the area.  This can be easily remedied if one hits the tab key or just clicks on the next line. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I rotate a image that is appearing vertically on the screen.  The solution is simple click the view button on the standard toolbar, adjacent to edit.  At the bottom of the options there is a option rotate view.  Hover ones mouse over the button to expand the possible options.  Once the options are expanded experiment with each rotate until one reaches a desired layout.