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 Exit Interview 



I. Purpose 

To provide a policy and procedures for conducting exit interviews for regular employees leaving the University.

II. Objectives

A. To assure that all separating employees are advised of their rights and/or benefits.
B. To secure standardized data to be used in the development and retention of valued personnel.
C. To assure that all University property in the possession of separating employees is returned to the University.

III. Policy 

Slippery Rock University will conduct an on-going exit interview information program for all regular employees, using the exit interview as the primary instrument for data collection.  The interview will be conducted in an atmosphere of openness and honesty so that the employee and the University can separate in an amicable way.

The Office of Human Resources will schedule and conduct a face-to-face exit interview with the separating employee.  This interview will normally occur during the employee's last week on the job, avoiding the last day of work whenever possible.  If a face-to-face interview is not possible, or is refused by the employee, the Office of Human Resources will send an "Exiting Employee Information Questionnaire" to the employee along with a postage paid envelope for the questionnaire's return.

Information provided by the employee will be shared as anonymous group data.  Information will not be identified with a specific employee unless he/she authorizes us to do so by signing the release form at the end of the "Exiting Employee Information Questionnaire" or to the extent legally permitted.

The Human Resources manager who conducts the exit interview will complete the "Human Resources Exiting Employee Checklist" to make sure the employee receives necessary benefits information.  The employee will also be told how and where to return keys and other University property.  Exit information documents will be maintained in a secure area separate from the official personnel files.  On an annual basis, the Office of Human Resources will prepare a summary and analysis of information collected through exit interview surveys and provide this information to the Vice President for Finance and Administrative Affairs.