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 Staff Labor Relations 



I. Purpose 

To maintain a harmonious relationship with employee representatives. 

II. Objectives 


To provide supervisors/managers with interpretation of the Commonwealth and SSHE employee




To provide a procedure for responding to employee grievances.

III. Policy 

Non-management employees of the University are generally covered by contracts negoitiated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and/or SSHE.The following contracts or Memoranda of Understanding are administered on this campus: 

AFSCME - Master Agreement

AFSCME - Master Memorandum of Understanding

SCUPA - Agreement

PNA - Agreement

PNA - Memorandum of Understanding

Security, Police, Fire Professionals of America - Agreement

Security, Police, Fire Professionals of America - Memorandum of Understanding

The Human Resources Office is responsible for the interpretation of these Agreements and assists supervisors and managers in contract administration. 

Grievances arising from the interpretation of Agreements are answered for the University by the Human Resources Office.  Supervisors and managers respond at the initial step of the grievance process. 

Through communication with union representatives and responses to employees, the Human Resources Office seeks to maintain a harmonious relationship with its employees and representatives.