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Human Resources 

 Management Position Classification 



I. Purpose 

To provide a procedure for reviewing management positions within the University consistent with the State System of Higher Education's guidelines. 

II. Objectives 


To provide the administration with a mechanism to have positions under their direction reviewed appropriate classification.




To provide management employees with information on the process to request that their positions be reviewed for proper classification.



III. Policy 

Management position requests to review their grade level shall be directed to the respective vice president or to the president for his/her initiation. At their request, Human Resources shall review the position's responsibilities and duties against established benchmark positions. Once this review is complete, the vice presidents and representatives from Human Resources shall convene and recommend to the president
the appropriate grade level. 

Any changes to grade level shall be effective on the date on which the president has indicated his/her approval. 

All management positions regarding classification and salary shall follow the guidelines issued by the State System of Higher Education.