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Human Resources 

 Support Staff Recruitment and Employment 



I. Purpose

To provide the policy/procedure for support staff recruitment and employment which is consistent with and furthers the principles of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.

II. Objectives

  • To comply with the merit principle provision of Act 188.
  • To comply with the University Affirmative Action Plan by aggressively recruiting qualified minority applicants through the use of minority publication(s) and by networking with University employees.
  • To fill vacant support staff positions in accordance with appropriate collective bargaining agreements.
  • To recruit applicants through ads placed in local county newspapers as well as on-line Internet sites.
  • To insure that reasonable accommodations are made for qualified applicants and employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • To insure compliance with Veteran's Preference Act.

III. Policy

As staff positions vacancies occur, they are posted campus-wide and interested employees may apply during the designated posting period. Vacancies may be filled by promotion, demotion, or transfer of a University employee or in accordance with seniority provisions of the collective bargaining agreements. Recruitment of qualified applicants will be accomplished by publishing ads in newspapers in Butler, Lawrence, Mercer, Venango and Allegheny counties when the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements do not apply. These ads will also appear on the University's web site and other designated web sites.

When a vacant position is advertised, Human Resources will acknowledge the receipt of applications, ensure that each applicant meets the minimum qualifications for the position, conduct an initial screening, and, along with affected supervisory and management personnel develop a search committee as appropriate. The search committee/manager will recommend applicants who will be interviewed and ensure that the provisions of the University Affirmative Action plans are fulfilled. No management, supervisory or staff employee will be permitted to participate in the interview process when a family member is an applicant. Once interviews are conducted, reference checks will be completed by members of the search committee or the Human Resources Office as part of the screening process. Names of three or more finalist candidates will be forwarded to the appropriate dean or director who then recommends the candidate to the vice president for approval. Following the vice president's approval of a recommended candidate, an employment offer will be made and starting date arranged by the Human Resources Office. The Human Resources Office will be responsible to ensure the process and procedures of the employment process are followed and records completed for each step of the process.


Some positions require special requirements or conditions. Applicants may be required to provide documentation or certification to be considered for a vacancy. In the case of clerical positions which require typing, the Human Resources Office will administer a typing test to selected applicants. Applicants who successfully pass the typing test will be considered for the currently advertised opening. If they want to be considered for future typist positions, they must apply for each opening, as advertised; however, their typing certification will remain valid and they will not have to be retested.


There will be an on-going effort to include minority representation in support staff applicant pools. Recruitment for minority applicants will include advertisements in The New Pittsburgh Courier and other publications, as needed. Also, copies of each ad will be supplied to all minority employees at the University with a letter asking them to share the position information with potential applicants. As qualified minority applicants are identified through the recruitment process, they will be offered interviews. If a minority finalist candidate is not being recommended for appointment, a written report of each applicant's qualifications for that position must accompany the dean/director's recommendation.

As qualified applicants or employees with special needs are identified through the recruitment/employment process, equal consideration will be afforded these individuals with regard to employment opportunities. Reasonable accommodations will be made, if requested, so that these individuals have equal opportunity to be considered.


The University strives to ensure compliance with the Veteran's Preference Act. Honorably-discharged veteran's status will be a determinant in employment decisions. A copy of a DD-214 will serve as official documentation for this purpose. After interviews are conducted, a finalist pool is determined. If there are veterans in that pool, the position will be awarded to the most qualified veteran candidate.


University staff employees who are interested in laterally transferring to other positions on campus may notify the Human Resources Office by providing a letter which specifies their reason for a transfer, along with a current resume. These requests may be shared with prospective supervisors as position openings become available. These requests will be kept on file in the Human Resources Office for one year. Should an employee be unsuccessful in obtaining a transfer within that year, they must renew their transfer request.


The University will consider employees from other SSHE universities and other state agencies who request to transfer their employment to Slippery Rock University. These employees must apply for positions as they are advertised. If the selected employee is transferring employment from another SSHE university, the employee may maintain his/her current pay rate upon transfer. However, if the selected employee is transferring employment from an agency outside the State System of Higher Education, the employee's pay rate will be the entry-level pay rate for that position.


Where employees bid for vacant positions in the next higher classification within the seniority unit, the bidding employee with the greatest master agreement seniority shall be promoted.


To make available temporary employees for certain classifications, applicant pools will be developed through advertising temporary positions in local publications on an annual basis. These temporary positions may include entry-level classifications such as custodial workers, groundskeepers, semi-skilled laborers and clerk typists or other classifications where there has been a reoccurring need. As temporary positions are identified and approved, this applicant pool will be utilized. Applications for these temporary openings will remain active for the specific classification for a period not to exceed twelve months. Supervisors may request to review these applicants in order to fulfill their temporary staffing needs. If the twelve month period expires or if the applicant is interested in other classified vacancies different from the original search, the applicant must apply for other vacancies as they are advertised.

Students may apply and be considered for staff position openings provided they meet the minimum experience and training requirements of the position and are able to fulfill the work hours designated for the position.