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I. Purpose 

To provide authorization and regulatory procedures for the designation of volunteers at Slippery Rock University in accordance with the Board of Governors Policy on Volunteerism (1991-04-A).

II. Objectives 

To document the volunteer relationship for risk management, indemnification and liability purposes.

III. Policy 

Volunteers represent a valuable human resource for the University and the State System without compensation or promise.  In order to appropriately document and utilize volunteers, the following policy and procedures are to be used in conjunction with the approved Board of Governor's Policy on Volunteerism (1991-04-A).  It is understood that volunteers will not be used to displace incumbent bargaining unit employees and when appropriate may prompt discussions at the local meet and discuss level.

All recommendation for volunteer services must be forwarded through the appropriate channels for approval by the president.  Final approval of an appointment will be given through a letter of acknowledgment signed by the president.  Appointments shall be limited to a term of 12 consecutive months or less before being subject to review and/or renewal.

  1. Volunteers may not operate University vehicles, but can be reimbursed for use of their personal vehicle and other travel expenses for authorized official travel.

  2. Volunteers will not be assigned hazardous duties or to work in hazardous duty areas.

  3. For volunteers assigned to work with pre-school and school age children (K through 12), Act 34 documentation is required.

  4. Any changes in the nature or extent of previously approved volunteer services must be approved by the president.

  5. All records relating to volunteer services must be forwarded to human resources for record keeping.

  6. All orientation, training, and supervision of volunteers will be the responsibility of the recommending department.

Slippery Rock University provides limited insurance coverage for authorized volunteers who are accidentally injured or become ill as a direct result of providing volunteer services to the University.  This insurance is not workers' compensation insurance but it is administered through the University's workers' compensation carrier.  Consequently, it does not include any disability or catastrophic loss income for volunteers or their survivors.  Coverage is limited to medical and hospital benefits only and will be subject to criteria and procedures contained in the workers' compensation program.  In addition, damage or loss sustained to personal property (for example, clothing, eye glasses, vehicles, etc.) is not covered.