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 Signs and Banners 



We don’t just print on paper! 

Contact: Terri Kind (724) 738-2546 or Dan Snyder (724) 738-2202


Effective signage is a critical component of your event and can contribute to its success. It appears more professional. Displaying attractive signs also maintains the structural integrity and aesthetic beauty of the campus.

Printing Services prepares a variety of single and full color signage: door signs, poster board signs and presentations, outside corrugated plastic signs w/stakes and banners (please call for sizes). Please allow 2 weeks for completion of signage. If you have a large number of signs for your project please call for completion time.

Signs can be requested by submitting a properly authorized “Sign Request” form. The request should include the exact wording required or location of the print file.

Sign Tips:


Readability is crucial in the sign market. A major factor in the readability of a sign is the height of its letters. In general, the determination of letter height depends upon the background space. For a viewer 100 feet away from a sign, the minimum readable letter size is 3 inches.

Avoid decorative typefaces. Very thin typefaces fade into the background and thick faces fill in at a distance. Type styles with even stroke weights like Helvetica Bold are ideal for signs.

File Tips for Vinyl Signage. Files for vinyl cutting must be vector/outline files (EPS or Adobe Illustrator), with all text converted to outlines. PDF files may only be used reliably if all text has been converted to outlines. Raster images/bitmap files (including .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .psd) cannot be used directly for vinyl graphics. Please note that some complex images cannot be made into vinyl graphics.


Sign Request Form

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