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 Description of Fees 



NOTE:  All fees are mandatory and subject to change without notice. 


Tuition set by Board of Governors annually

Tuition is based on your credit load and residency status. Full-time tuition is based on a credit load of 12-18 credit hours for an undergraduate student. Graduate studenst are charged by the credit, no full-time rate. Students registering for credits in excess of the maximums will be charged for each additional credit at the current rate. Tuition for students taking summer classes will be charged by the credit hour.


Last Adjusted March, 2010

This fee supports the student health program, which is available to all students at no additional cost, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week during the academic year. Physicians, nurse practitioners and registered nurses provide a comprehensive program including office visits for illness and injury, medication such as antibiotics, preventative care including physical exams, walk-in urgent care, inpatient overnight care, and campus-wide health education including peer education. (Health Services)


Last Adjusted April, 2010

The State System of Higher Education requires that student unions be funded through a student fee.  The Student Union fee provides for the fiscal support of Student Union programs, services, and operations including maintenance, utilities, staffing, equipment, and special activities and events. 


Last Adjusted March, 1998

Collected from all students and administered through the Student Government association under regulations approved by the Council of Trustees, this fee helps defray the cost of athletic events, lectures, movies, entertainment, and publications; and to support student organizations and the campus shuttle bus. The fee will be 5.25 % of the in-state tuition. Summer session students pay a General Service Fee of $1.25 per week. (Cooperative Activities)


Last Adjusted March, 1992

This fee is for the purpose of supporting academic activities that enhance and extend the instructional activities of the class, for course credit both on-campus and off-campus.  The fee is calculated as follows:

Undergrad Students 10% of in-state tuition
Graduate Students: 15% of tuition


Last Adjusted March, 2013


Students voted to establish this fee, beginning in the fall semester of 1994, to fund the construction and operation of the new Aebersold Student Recreation Center. This fee also includes access to the Russell Wright Fitness Center located in the recreation center. The fee is $9.20 per credit hour. (Campus Recreation).


Last Adjusted June, 2011
set by Board of Governors

This fee is for the purpose of support student life activities that enhance and extend the traditional co-curricular, outside of the classroom, activities, including prior fees for transcript and graduation.


Last Adjusted July, 2009
set by Board of Governors

Implemented by the Board of Governors of the State System of Higher Education, this fee enables the university to invest in instructional technology by upgrading computer labs and classrooms and providing other technological enhancements. (Fee set by the Board of Governors).