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 #RockDaily Challenge and Winners  



Thank you to all student who participated in the #RockDaily Challenge. There were nearly 450 submissions! Stay tuned for another exciting challenge in the spring.

 Congratulations to our #RockDaily winners! All #RockDaily Winners

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to play?

It’s fun. It really is. It makes you take a little time each day to stop and take notice of what’s around you, as well as be a little creative. Also, the most creative and unique photos will win a $25 gift card to the SGA bookstore.

Does my profile need to be public in order to participate?

No. You can still participate in the #RockDaily challenge if your profile is private; however, if we are unable to see your posts, you cannot be considered to win the challenge or be featured on the SRU Instagram account.

I like to be nosey. How can I see other people’s photos?

On Instagram, just search for the #RockDaily hashtag to see everyone’s photos. You can meet new friends and be part of the SRU community by liking other photos and commenting.

Why are some days in color?

They’re the weekends, so you can see the month better at a glance.

Do I have to post a photo every day?

No, but it will be more fun if you do! As long as you use the hashtag #RockDaily and follow SRU on Instagram, you will be eligible to win a prize.

Can I submit photos on Twitter or Facebook?

Yes, but only photos posted on Instagram will be considered to win the challenge.

Is it OK to post more than once daily?

Absolutely. If you’re struck by inspiration more than once in a day, who are we to stifle that creativity?

Are there images I’m not allowed to post?

Yes. Please do not post images that are not yours, or imagery that is intended for advertising and marketing purposes. Please refrain from sharing images that bully, break laws, or which contain nudity or offensive material.

I am not a current SRU student. Can I still participate?

Sure. We welcome prospective students, alumni, and other members of the SRU family to participate; however, only current SRU students are eligible to win the challenge.


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