First-Year Leadership Scholar Program

The First-Year Leader Scholar Program, commonly referred to as FLSP, engages students in involvement and leadership opportunities. Students in FLSP will meet with 20-25 other first-year students in weekly cohort meetings facilitated by FLSP Peer Mentors. The Peer Mentors are undergraduate students at SRU who have previously graduated from FLSP and are now pursuing the next level of leadership to develop future leaders on campus.

FLSP runs during the fall and spring semesters, with the fall semester focusing on involvement experiences to help students become comfortable on campus, meet new friends, and begin to explore their individual leadership skills.  The spring semester focuses on helping students to build their personal leadership skills that they will use throughout their time at SRU and after graduation.  Students participate in a variety of workshops and experiences to help develop the student's idea of what it means to be a leader. Topics include: values and ethics, group dynamics, critical thinking, conflict resolution, diversity, communication and professionalism.

Students who complete all the requirements of FLSP are eligible to apply for the position of FLSP Peer Mentor. Those who are Pennsylvania residents are eligible to apply for the Board of Governor's Scholarship.

Your application to FLSP is the first step to being a leader at SRU!