Studying around the world provides global perspectives


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Feb. 19, 2016

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Great teaching starts in the classroom at Slippery Rock University and extends across campus and around the world. In fact, during your studies at SRU, your classroom is just as likely to be the Roman ruins, or a jungle in Peru, as it is to be a room on campus.

As business, industry and government become increasingly cognizant of the need for citizens who possess the skills to communicate, negotiate and do business in diverse regions of the world, these study away experiences take on even greater significance.

At Slippery Rock University you'll have the opportunity to explore a variety of study away options. For U.S. students wishing to see the world, SRU offers programs from weeklong spring break seminars to a traditional academic year abroad.

The value of study away is well documented.

According to Vistawide, an online information source for global education, here are 10 reasons why you should take the plunge:

Study abroad ...

  • is the optimal way to learn a language;
  • provides the opportunity to travel;
  • allows you get to know another culture first-hand;
  • helps you develop skills and provides experiences you won't get in a classroom setting;
  • affords you the opportunity to make friends around the world;
  • helps you to learn about yourself;
  • expands your worldview;
  • gives you the opportunity to break out of your academic routine;
  • enhances employment opportunities and
  • enhances the value of your degree.

If those reasons don't provide enough incentive, consider this: A "Career Benefits of Study Abroad" survey found students who study abroad are offered 25 percent higher starting salaries than those college graduates who do not study abroad.

Whether you choose a week, a summer, a semester or even a year of life-changing adventure, SRU's Office for Global Engagement can help you choose the perfect destination for your individual interests and assist with everything from finding a program that coordinates with your major to providing resources for financial aid.

You just need to remember to bring your passport.