SRU adds industrial and systems engineering degree


industrial and engineering professionals

April 7, 2016

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - The board of governors of Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education today approved Slippery Rock University's request to begin offering a Bachelor of Science in industrial and systems engineering fall 2016.

"This program is a continuation of our ongoing efforts to adapt SRU's curricula to meet the changing needs of employers in the region, the commonwealth and beyond," Cheryl Norton, SRU president said.

"We continue to evolve our system in a way that addresses the changing needs of both students and employers," said State System Chancellor Frank Brogan. "The approved program was developed in response to specific demands in the workforce, and with the desire to ensure the success of students in their careers beyond graduation."

The goal of the new program is to produce skilled graduates who will:

  • Successfully participate as professional engineers in all industries requiring professional industrial and systems engineers and/or to be successful in post-graduate education;
  • Engage in life-long professional development with a commitment to continual professional growth;
  • Achieve leadership positions in the industry of their choice; and,
  • Consistently practice professional and ethical responsibilities, and be mindful of the role of professionals in global society.

The educational objectives of the program are to give graduates a strong foundation in mathematics, basic sciences and business; an understanding of scientific and engineering principles and the application of these principles in solving process improvement problems using modern tools; an understanding of conventional engineering design principles as well as those pertaining specifically to the field of industrial and systems engineering; and development of technical communication and teamwork skills, as well as understanding the engineer's professional, ethical and societal obligations, said Christy Crute, SRU assistant professor of mathematics and coordinator of the program.

The curriculum will utilize a combination of existing courses and add 14 new courses. To meet the general ABET Engineering accreditation requirements, the curriculum will include a minimum of 32 hours of college-level mathematics and basic science; 48 hours of engineering topics consisting of engineering science and engineering design; and general education components in addition to distinct outcomes for specific engineering fields. In order to meet those requirements, the program will require 128 credit hours.

"The field of industrial and systems engineering has the third highest number of engineering professionals throughout the national engineering workforce," Crute said. "Analysis of the needs of employers within 150 miles of Slippery Rock shows the need for industrial engineering skills exceeds the availability, making this program an important addition to the University's array."

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