SRU career workshops encourage students to be ‘uncommon’


John Rindy facilitating an instructional session

John Rindy, director of Slippery Rock University’s Office of Career Education and Development, will host a series of workshops, called Uncommon Hour, this fall to help students navigate their careers by addressing complex subjects ranging from finding internships to understanding contracts.

June 20, 2017

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - The Slippery Rock University Career Development and Education Office will be encouraging students to be "uncommon" this fall through a series of advanced career learning programs to be offered during Common Hour.

The series of seven workshops, called Uncommon Hour, will begin Sept. 14 to help students navigate their careers by addressing complex subjects that range from finding internships to understanding contracts.

"This is another opportunity to learn new things and new ways to use some of the tools that are out there," said John Rindy, director of career education and development. "It's uncommon because people will go to their organizational meetings or they'll just grab some lunch and kick back with friends. We're saying, 'Be uncommon.'"

The workshops are open to all students and lunch will be provided. Programs like this fill a particular need for students who are pursuing internships in majors that don't require internships or senior seminars. That's why the first session, "Internships: Finding, Preparing, Performing, Professionalism," will be offered multiple times during the semester to give students the opportunity to attend.

While an Oct. 12 session will address diversity in the workplace and include a discussion with a diversity recruiter, other session topics include: navigating the graduate school admission process, getting promotions and understanding workplace agreements such as non-competes and non-disclosures. The final workshop, Dec. 7, will focus on networking with people of higher influence, such as company vice presidents.

"Everybody on campus has heard me say it: a college degree doesn't get you a job," Rindy said. "It's how you set yourself apart."

Rindy plans to continue the Uncommon Hour workshops in the spring semester with a variety of additional topics.

The workshops will take place from 12:30-1:30 p.m. on select Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Vincent Science Center. Students can begin registering for workshops beginning in August from the events tab located on the SRU Career Connections website at:

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