Several University programs granted policy exemption



August 24, 2015

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Several University programs will be exempt from the requirements that all volunteers undergo background clearances and registration as a result of recent actions by Slippery Rock University President Cheryl Norton.



According to Lynne Motyl, assistant vice president for human resources, her office conducted a campuswide survey last spring to identity all programs that involved minors. "Our goal was two-fold," she said. "One was to help identify programs that needed to have background clearances and registration completed and two, to determine, which of these programs might be considered for exemption status, granted by the president, in accordance with Board of Governor policy 2014-01-A Protection of Minors."

The BOG policy allows for exception for: (1) events on campus that are open to the general public and which minors attend at the sole discretion of their parents or legal guardians, (2) private events where minors attend under parental or legal guardian supervision, or (3) other programs as may be designated by the university president or designated official in advance and in writing as exempt from this policy or specific provisions of this policy.

Based upon the recommendation of HR and the approval of the University cabinet, Norton issued exemptions for the following University programs:

• Community service days
• Commencement
• Honor Convocation
• Orientation

The following events are also exempt because they are open to the public:

• Kaleidoscope Arts Festival (with the exception of any closed programs occurring at the Child Care Center)
• Athletic contests and events• Open lectures
• SGA sponsored concerts and movies
• Old Stone House public events
• Homecoming
• Villagefest
• Performing Arts Series

Motyl stressed that, "although student workers and student volunteers will be exempted from clearances to work or volunteer at any of the exempt events, these workers and volunteers, as well as all University employees, will continue to be required to report any suspected child abuse on campus."

The exemptions are effective immediately. "As additional programs are identified, we will consider their eligibility for an exemption under the policy," Motyl said.

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