SRU enrollment reaches 8,628 students


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Sept. 16, 2015

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Slippery Rock University enrollment has increased to 8,628 students, 1.57 percent higher than a year ago. International enrollment is up 17.2 percent, graduate enrollment 15.09 percent and out-of-state enrollment 3.19 percent, according to the University's official 15th-day-of classes report.

"Increases in overall enrollment are due to higher retention rates, new graduate programming starts each term and stable new freshman and transfer student bodies," said Amanda Yale, SRU associate provost for enrollment services.

For fall 2015, SRU enrolled 7,583 undergraduate and 1,045 graduate students compared to 2014's enrollment of 7,587 undergraduate and 908 graduate students.

Yale said new master's degree programs with online options helped increase out-of-state graduate student enrollment 13.53 percent to 151 students.

"The increase in graduate out-of-state students is reflective of the increased number of students interested in online programs," Yale said.

Total out-of-state enrollment increased to 939 students, up from 910. Graduate student out-of-state enrollment increased 13.53 percent, to 151 students.

Undergraduate total credit hours generated are up by .20 percent, while graduate total credit hours generated are up by 3.79 percent.

First to second year retention is up by 1.75 percent; new freshman enrollment is down by 62 students to 1,524 from SRU's institutional record of 1,586 in 2014. New transfer enrollment is down slightly by 25 students, to 575.

Yale said the "quality of the freshman class has remained stable in comparison to last fall."

She said 36 percent of freshmen graduated in the top 25 percent of their high school class, with a grade-point average of 3.41 percent and a 999 SAT average.

The top five counties with students at SRU are Allegheny, Butler, Mercer, Beaver and Lawrence. Allegheny County accounts for 1,828 students, Butler 1,114, Mercer 544, Beaver 479 and Lawrence 473. The top five states from which students attend are Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Maryland and New Jersey. Foreign countries sending students to SRU include China, Sri Lanka, Canada, Australia, Ireland and South Korea.

There are 5,125 women on campus, up 2.8 percent and 3,503 men, down 0.2 percent.

Special and transient student enrollment increased 40.9 percent, to 62 students.

SRU showed diversity growth. Hispanic enrollment increased 12 percent to 196 and Asian 12.3 percent to 64.

Non-traditional student enrollment, age 25 and older, grew 10.6 percent to 1,259 students.

Day 15 credit hours generated totaled 118,674 as compared to 118,172 reported for Day 15 in fall 2014, an increase of 502 or .42 percent.

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