SRU’s 2016 CareBreaks offer animal intervention, relief work


charlie judge

Charlie Judge, SRU assistant director of the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, is the new coordinator of SRU’s CareBreaks service trips.

Nov. 30, 2015

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Slippery Rock University students looking for opportunities to spend their spring break helping others, even animals, will have plenty to choose from in 2016. The Spring 2016 CareBreaks community service programs will include options to work with a tiger rescue agency, care for chimpanzees and other animals, provide flood cleanup and promote sustainability in an urban environment.

Registrations for the March 5-12 CareBreaks to Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia are being accepted through SRU's Center for Student Leadership and Involvement. Deposits are due by Dec. 12.

CareBreak choices include:

Carolina Tiger Rescue - Pittsboro, North Carolina 
Tiger Rescue works to protect tigers in captivity and the wild. Students will work with the site manager to build new enclosures, assist in grounds keeping and maintenance.

"Save the Chimps," Ft. Pierce, Florida.
Students will help create enrichment devices and spend time preparing meals for the animals.

Oatland Island Wildlife Center - Savannah, Georgia
Students will work with animals and help the organization in its international advocacy for animals.

Hands On Nashville - Nashville, Tennessee
Students will work together on sustainability projects in and urban environment. They will work with various local organizations.

Community Collaborations International - South Carolina
Students will partner with universities on disaster relief after flooding along the South Carolina coast.

Charlie Judge, assistant director of CSIL, is leading the program.

"The idea with CareBreak trips is we want out students to understand that it is important to give back to the community," Judge said. "There are projects in and around the Slippery Rock area, but realizing that there is a global society, going elsewhere and seeing different communities and difference needs is important."

December CareBreaks to Jamaica and Bolivia are filled. Students will provide tutoring in Jamaica and community cleanup in Bolivia.

Judge said the trips take students out of their comfort zone, broadening their perspective and instilling a passion for service.

"Our students live in these nice residence halls and have great dining facilities, a beautiful campus and safe community to live in," he said. "Going to these other communities and seeing what their experiences are challenge our students' thoughts in terms of how other people are living. It's a good earning experience."

SRU's mission statement illustrates the importance of lifelong learning and connecting with the world. Ultimately, CareBreaks aim to plant the seed for global activism.

"Hopefully we're empowering students with skills so that whenever they leave Slippery Rock, they continue to give back to the local communities or through mission or CareBreak type trips," Judge said.

Faculty, staff and student advisers travel with students on the trips, which cost $250. For more information, call Judge at 724.738.2697 or stop by the CSIL office on the second floor of the Smith Student Center.

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