Students spread holiday cheer through window decorations


window painting

Emma Marczak, an exercise science major from Oil City, took the lead in decorating windows at the Slippery Rock University campus mailroom.

Dec. 8, 2015

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - If you haven't started your holiday window decorating yet, you don't need to visit New York City or sing, "Let it Snow" for inspiration - just take a stroll by the Slippery Rock University mailroom in the Stores Building 1.

In an effort to spread holiday cheer, SRU students have created and taped intricate paper snowflakes to the campus mailroom windows. Like nature's version of the white stuff, the flakes vary in size and appearance. One resembles a dog. One student went so far as to contribute origami.

"We made the snowflakes during our down time at the mailroom. We also helped the other workers who didn't know who to make snowflakes. We showed them how to fold and cut the paper," said Emma Marczak, an exercise science major from Oil City who delivers and pickups campus mail.

Marczak said students undertook the project in the holiday spirit of peace and goodwill.

"Christmas is so taken over by the (need to find the) perfect Christmas gift to give to others," she said. "What we should be doing during this season of giving is spreading joy to everyone. It's the time to do generous acts of kindness, to help others not just buy them a gift. Especially during finals, when everyone is stressing to the max, I like to do things that I can to help others. My favorite thing to do is make others smile and making these snowflakes has defiantly brought a lot of joy to others."

Making the snowflakes requires focus and precision.

"You need a perfect square pieces of paper and you fold the paper diagonally multiple times on top of each other till you can no longer can fold it any more, and then cut designs into it as you please," Marczak said. "Every snowflake is different in reality so there is no right or wrong way to cut it because you want them to be unique in their own way.

Kathy Burton, clerk II in mailing services, encouraged students to do the project.

"To spread holiday cheer we decorated in a snowman theme," she said. "Our student workers and students that came to pick up their packages helped by making the many snowflakes needed to cover the seven large windows. We had scissors and paper ready by the package pick-up area for those that chose to participate."

Burton said visitors to the mailroom like what they see.

"Many commented on how long it has been since they had made a snowflake and reflected on memories of a long time ago," she said. "The variety and style is amazing."

She said the campus mailroom is a busy place with delivery, retrieving and sending of mail. Students are especially busy this time of year delivering packages that are too large for a student's residence hall mailbox.

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