Biology Department publishes findings


Simon Beeching, a Slippery Rock University professor of biology, teamed with five recent SRU graduates to publish the group's latest findings on freshwater planaria in Volume 48 of the international journal, "Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology."

Jared Caroff, '14; Stephanie Case, '13; Shane Duda, '13; Brooke Henry, '14; and Kristyn Pristov, '14, all of who graduated with bachelor of science degrees in biology, co-authored the research article.

Planaria are common flatworms that inhabit Pennsylvania waters, and are famous for their regeneration and learning abilities. SRU student researchers were able to demonstrate that planaria are sensitive to the odors of other injured planaria, avoid those areas where other injured planaria exist, and are able to detect injury in their own and other species of planaria.