SRU residence halls make Top 10 College Dorms list


Every student's desire is to live in the best college dorms possible. According to the latest report from the newly formed Top 10 College Dorms report Slippery Rock University's residence halls make the grade.

According to the listmakers at LendEDU, which publishes information related to college life and college finances, which recently ranked college facilities, SRU's halls came in at No. 8 nationally. Also on the list were housing facilities at Loyola Marymount in California, the University of Arizona, University of Florida, Eckerd College, Boston University, Washington University in Missouri, Stanford University, Georgia Southern University and the University of Cincinnati.

The report noted SRU's "housing area is located in a peaceful area and comes with great facilities. Cable TV, phones and Internet are provided in each of the rooms. A living room and study rooms can be shared. Students can use the Wi-Fi from anywhere."

"Sometimes, students live alone and sometimes they are assigned roommates to share their dorm with. It can be difficult to cope with roommates if your dorm room is messy and needs repairing every now and then," said Matt Zehr, the list's compiler.

He said he generated the list to help college students avoid some of the common missteps. More details are available at: