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 Diversity and Inclusion 



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Diversity is an educational, functional, and institutional resource that should be cultivated, enhanced, and leveraged for optimal learning…for student, staff, faculty, administration, and campus community members. To realize the power of diversity as this resource, we must be guided by:

How much diversity do we have?  What are we doing educationally with the diversity we have? How are we using it intentionally as an educational resource? And how are these uses benefiting all of us as campus community members?

(E.F. Beckham, 2002. AAC&U’s Diversity and Learning: Education for a World Lived in Common Conference)


Diversity and Inclusion Series 2012 Schedule!

New Diversity Initiative!

Jessamine M. Montero, D. Ed.
Senior Officer for Diversity and Inclusion
Special Assistant to the President

305 Old Main


One person cannot make all of the changes needed to create a positive climate for diversity. Creating a positive climate for diversity requires the involvement of all shareholders.

Presidental Task Force for Cultural Awareness. Report on SRU Diversity Initiative, 2009.