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 SRU Mission 



Our Vision
Slippery Rock University will excel as a caring community of lifelong learners connecting with the world.

Our Mission
The fundamental mission of Slippery Rock University is to provide high quality undergraduate and graduate academic instruction. Complementary missions are to conduct scholarly research, to promote professional performance, and to address the educationally-related economic, health, environmental, social, cultural, and recreational needs of the region served by the university. In accomplishing these missions, Slippery Rock University primarily focuses its efforts on the academic areas of:

  • the arts and sciences,
  • business,
  • communication,
  • computer and information sciences,
  • environmental sciences and studies,
  • health and human services, and
  • teacher education.

The perspectives of Slippery Rock University are contemporary and futuristic, national and international. The university provides experiences and opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership and to develop confidence and self-reliance; it promotes their intellectual, social, and physical development; and it accomplishes these in an open, caring, nurturing, and friendly environment. Slippery Rock University is committed to serving and empowering all segments of the population that can benefit from its offerings.

The individual and collective excellence for which Slippery Rock University stands will continue to be measured by the quality of its graduates and their successes in serving society.