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Interested in a "green" career involving energy, the environment, or sustainability? For an overview of SRU's sustainability programs and green career background info, click here. To find the latest info on green careers, education/skills required, and salary ranges in the following fields, go to:

In addition to conventional careers that now benefit from a background in sustainability, the U.S. Bureau of Labor has identified over 90 new "green" careers such as:

Biofuels ~ Cartography & Photogrammetrists ~ Environmental Remediation ~ Geothermal Energy ~ Sustainability ~ Energy Auditors ~ Recycling ~ Electrical Vehicles ~ Green Construction ~ Solar Power ~ Wind Energy ~ Organic Food Production


For a comprehensive view of all the Energy, Environment, and Sustainability related courses offered at SRU, click below:

To look for job openings in green technology, start here:

Green & Sustainable Jobs and Career Resources


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