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Diversity and Inclusion 

 Diversity and Inclusion Series  



Tenets of Higher Education:
Cultivating and promoting individual and collective thoughts and voices

The annual Diversity & Inclusion Series is a university-wide educational event that is created, coordinated, implemented, presented, and engaged in and provided by our campus community of students, staff, faculty and administrators.  Under the leadership of the four President’s Commissions on Disability, LGBTQI, Race & Ethnic Diversity, and Women, the series cultivates and promotes the development of our individual and collective thoughts and voices – respectfully, educationally, and with full rigor.



Spring 2014 Schedule of Events 

Keynote Speaker




March 3, 12-12:50 pm

Dr. William Sturkey

"Killing Jim Crow: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Struggle to End Racial Segregation in Dixie"





One person cannot make all of the changes needed to create a positive climate for diversity. Creating a positive climate for diversity requires the involvement of all shareholders.

Presidental Task Force for Cultural Awareness. Report on SRU Diversity Initiative, 2009.