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 Diversity and Inclusion Grant  



Diversity & Inclusion grants will be available for the Fiscal Year 2012-2013.  These grants are funded by the Diversity and Inclusion appropriation from the Office of the President, the office of the Provost, and the office of the Vice President, Finance & Administration.  The purpose of the appropriation is to support vital University-wide initiatives designed to achieve and promote diversity by serving the educational needs of historically underrepresented students, faculty and staff populations.

Grant Monies Still Available for Spring 2013

RFPs due November 30 with Allocation Decisions made by December 19, 2012.

Diversity and Inclusion Grant Guidelines

Diversity and Inclusion Grant Proposal Form

One person cannot make all of the changes needed to create a positive climate for diversity. Creating a positive climate for diversity requires the involvement of all shareholders.

Presidental Task Force for Cultural Awareness. Report on SRU Diversity Initiative, 2009.