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Diversity and Inclusion 

 Senior Officer for Diversity and Inclusion: Jessamine Montero  



Dr. Jessamine MonteroKamusta and Greetings!

In my position, I provide leadership in the development, implementation, and maintenance of policies, programs, and systems to achieve university goals of diversity and inclusion. I love and am privileged in having this charge because I work closely with the greatest strengths of our campus: the students, staff, faculty, and administrators of Slippery Rock University. I partner with offices such as Human Resources, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs, Public Relations, Institutional Advancement, Finance and Administrative Affairs, as well as faculty, academic deans and students in efforts to foster diversity and inclusion from the bottom up, from the top down, and across the institution.

My entire professional and personal career has centered on creating and cultivating healthy relationships with ourselves, with each other, and with our communities. Those of us who work toward diversity and inclusion are often times seeking new paths for creating social change, moving towards empowerment or liberation.  I often refer to Bobbie Harro’s Cycle of Liberation Model, as it organizes the intrapersonal, interpersonal, and systemic changes that have best worked for all of us when creating social change.  I value this model because it emphasizes that diversity and inclusion is something far bigger than any one of us – any coalition or campus, or any one nation – and it is a force that connects all of us with a vision that there can be a better world…and that we actively create it. 

My contribution to a better Slippery Rock University first began in the fall of 2002, when I was hired as the Assistant Director of the Act 101 Program, which serves and advises low-income, Pennsylvania residents. Prior to joining SRU, I served in a similar position at Point Park University, and before that as a Residential Programs Supervisor and Therapist (Three Rivers Youth in Pittsburgh, PA) and as a Team Leader for Community Support Services (Prestera Center for Mental Health Services in Huntington, WV). I have earned a Doctor of Education, Administration and Leadership Studies (Indiana University of PA), a Master of Business Administration (Point Park University), and a Master of Arts in Psychology (Marshall University). I earned my undergraduate degree in psychology, also at Marshall University. In addition to my work at the University, I am a certified workshop facilitator and trainer for Prejudice Reduction: Welcoming Diversity & Handling Controversial Issues, National Coalition Building Institute and an Intergroup Relations for Intergroup Dialogue facilitator, National Intergroup Dialogue Institute.

Take a look through our webpages and see the better campus that all of our students, staff, faculty and administrators have created. I, and we, look forward to having you join us!


One person cannot make all of the changes needed to create a positive climate for diversity. Creating a positive climate for diversity requires the involvement of all shareholders.

Presidental Task Force for Cultural Awareness. Report on SRU Diversity Initiative, 2009.