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 Disabilities Commission Sponsored Events  



The President’s Commission for Disability Issues (PCDI) is making available to qualified applicants, for the 2014-2015 academic year,  funding to sponsor or co-sponsor faculty-student disability-related events and/or projects,  disability-related programming events such as invited speakers, exhibits, etc. that would directly relate to the PCDI Mission Statement.  One goal of the PCDI is to support and promote high-quality University-wide disability-related advocacy and education initiatives.


 This document will explain eligibility requirements, as well as, additional requirements and information for submitting a funding request to the PCDI.

Scoring Rubric for PCDI Funding Requests: This document will be used by the PCDI to assess funding request submissions.

PresComm Funding Request: Persons interested in submitting a funding request to the PCDI should complete and submit this document. 

A Slippery Rock University President’s Commissions Event/Program Funding Request form must be completed and submitted by email to the PCDI co-chairs Dr. Marybeth Miller ( and Dr. Dallas Jackson ( prior to the initiative taking place.