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 Disability Commission - Mission, Vision, and Goals  




The President’s Commission for Disability Issues seeks to create a campus environment and climate that is free of barriers and discrimination and to empower people with disabilities to be full participants in all facets of university life.  The Commission works toward an understanding and appreciation of disability within and among our administration, faculty, staff and students.


  • The President’s Commission for Disability Issues will:
  • Assess the campus climate as it pertains to physical, academic and programmatic accessibility and make recommendations for improvement;
  • Address ablism as incidents occur, and combat stigma related to disability;
  • Recommend changes that may become part of University curriculum or develop training programs to enable students, faculty, administration and staff to function in a diverse society;
  • Assist with University efforts to recruit and retain students, faculty, staff and administrators who have disability by identifying issues that might cause then to want to leave the university;
  • Work to alleviate barriers to inclusion that include, but are not limited to the physical, programmatic, and attitudinal;
  • Serve as advocates for people with disabilities, as well as leaders of institutional changes required for the University to become a multicultural campus community that is respectful of all people;
  • Promote activities that demonstrate the University’s commitment to serving and empowering its constituents in an open, caring, nurturing and friendly environment;
  • Review campus policies for their effect on people with disabilities, addressing issues of adverse impact;
  • Provide a vehicle for communication between people with disabilities who are students, faculty, staff and/or administrators.