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 The President's Commission for Racial and Ethnic Diversity Sub-Committees  



We will meet as a large group once a month, subcommittees will meet/communicate an additional once a month or as needed

1.      Campus Climate

  • a. Provide a vehicle for communication between students, faculty and staff of color and the university administration
  • b. Provide personal and professional support and mentoring to new faculty and staff who are persons of color
  • c. Assess campus climate as it pertains to racial diversity and make recommendations for improvement- review the campus climate survey and make recommendations to PCRED for possible events
  • d. Work with admissions with regards to minority recruitment events (opportunity knocks, bus tours, etc)
  • e. Be the filter for proposals that are submitted by faculty and staff for PCRED co-sponsorship
2.      Public Relations
  • a. Oversee all marketing, promoting, and advertising for all events sponsored or co-sponsored by PCRED
  • b. Creating a logo that represents the Commission
  • c. Creating any events that are specific to marketing PCRED as a whole (tables in the quad, giveaways, etc)
  • d. Work with other commissions and Dr. Montero on ways we can promote all commissions or directly working with another commission
  • e. Promote co-sponsorship by PCRED to the campus community

3.      Student’s Voice

  • a. Work with clubs and organizations that directly fall under PCRED
  • b. Provide support and guidance for PCRED co-sponsorships with clubs and organizations (ex: Holidays around the world)
  • c. Be the filter for proposals that are submitted by clubs and organizations for PCRED co-sponsorship

4.      Speaker and Event Planning

  • a. Direct committee that assists with PCRED’s involvement in the Diversity and Democracy Series
  • b. Conduct adequate research on proposed speakers the PCRED members suggest to bring to campus
  • c. Coordinate monthly luncheons

What we are all doing continuously based off of our goals:

Advise the President regarding inclusion as well as work to alleviate barriers and obstacles

Serve as advocates for, and leaders of, the institutional changes required for Slippery Rock University to become a multicultural campus community respectful of all people

Address racism, ethnic violence and ethnic intimidation should such incidents occur

Promote activities that demonstrate the university's commitment to diversity