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Physical Wellness: Physical wellness is the synergy of each individual’s daily behavior. The dimensions include physical fitness, activity levels, nutrition, and sleep. Proactive choices include safety and prevention measures, health screenings, and disease management behaviors.


Emotional Wellness: Emotional wellness emphasizes an awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings. The dimensions include the cultivation of positive and hopeful feelings about oneself and life, the capacity to manage one’s feelings and related behaviors and the development of meaningful connections and engagement with the world.


Spiritual Wellness: Spiritual wellness refers to the integration of beliefs in relationship with others, the external world and/or a sense of the Divine. Dimensions of spiritual wellness include growth in awareness and understanding of one’s meaning and purpose in life, experiences of inner and relational peace, expression of truth and values, and practice of faith and morals.


Social Wellness: Social wellness focuses on contributing to the overall welfare of the human community. The dimensions include good communication skills, interdependence with others, the pursuit of harmony in the community, and the development of support systems.


Intellectual Wellness: Intellectual wellness encompasses the development of knowledge and the desire for lifelong learning and self-improvement through mental challenge. The dimensions include curiosity, creativity, problem solving.


Environmental Wellness: Environmental wellness is maintaining a way of life that exists in harmony with the Earth through active engagement with your surroundings. The dimensions include protecting ourselves from environmental hazards, using the gifts of nature wisely, and making positive impacts on the quality of our environment.


Occupational wellness: Occupational wellness is achieving personal satisfaction in one’s work/leisure balance. The dimensions include contributing your unique gifts, skills and talents to vocation(s) that are meaningful and rewarding.