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How to contact your legislator

You can contact your legislator in multiple ways such as phone calls, e-mails, faxes and letters.

Tips for Phone Calls:

  • First, identify yourself then ask to speak directly with the legislator.
  • When speaking with the legislator immediately affirm your support of Slippery Rock University then briefly describe what about the university makes it so important to you.
  • If addressing a particular piece of legislation, be prepared with the bill number and the specific issue it deals with.
  • Be focused and to the point when on the call. 
  • Always be polite and end the call by thanking the legislator for his or her time and support.
  • You may also wish to follow up with a thank you letter, stating your gratitude for their time and attention in your concerns.

Tips for Written Contact:

  • Communicate clearly the purpose for your letter.
  • Be concise. Attempt to keep your letter to one page or less, addressing one issue per letter.
  • Be sure to include bill number if referring to a specific piece of legislation.
  • Be respectful for your legislator’s difficult situation.
  • Thank them for their support of the university and time.

PA Budget Process

To learn more about the budget process in Pennsylvania explore the state’s budget website at: 

Sample Letters

As a University in the PASSHE system, we are advised that we are not permitted to prepare and post sample letters.  Individuals and constituency groups are free to do so using their own personal stationary and own personal e-mail accounts.

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