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 Role as an advocate 



Being an advocate does not require any specific special skills or political acumen. It simply requires that you share your passion for Slippery Rock University and higher education by taking action and being a voice for the University. Realizing that each network member possesses their own particular talents and areas of expertise, we expect that ROCK Nation will be a diverse and dynamic group.

Advocates are asked to:

  • Stay informed of key issues of the University that can be enhanced by the help of our local constituents. As a member of the advocacy network, individuals will have exclusive access to University updates, briefings and alerts to special concerns of the University as it strives to meet its mission.

  • Contact their elected state representatives about the higher education appropriation bill when prompted by ROCK Nation (typically in January, late spring and when the budget is finalized), by e-mail, letter, phone or personal visit. Advocates will receive an up-to-date Legislative Election Advocacy Guide detailing specific issues as well as helpful, easy-to-follow strategies for being an effective advocate. The special legislative briefing is designed to inform advocates of the University’s key messages and what they can do to help garner support at the state capitol to maintain a strong higher education system.

  • Respond to “calls to action” from the advocacy network. These “calls to action” will inform our members of how to best contact elected officials or key community and business leaders about non-budget issues at specifically stated times. Through these efforts advocates are reminded that the University’s interests are not limited to budgeting or actions by the legislator. Some of our greatest opportunities are with the capcaity of informed business and community leaders.

  • Talk about University initiatives with friends and associates. Help educate the community about the importance of Slippery Rock University to the vitality of the region and state. In particular you may want to share your personal experiences with the University to show others just how influential it is and the impact it makes on people’s lives everywhere.
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