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 February 29, 2008 



Meeting Minutes
Slippery Rock University Strategic Planning Committee
Friday, February 29, 2008
University Club, North Hall, Slippery Rock Campus  

President Robert M. Smith called the meeting to order and called for discussion from the group regarding the draft University Strategic Plan. (version 2.1)  This draft plan is a comprehensive approach to bringing all divisional strategic plans into one planning document. This planning allows us to review and reflect on our progress as an institution, and collaboratively strategize to set our course for the future. 

In 2007, we had the opportunity to review current divisional strategic plans.  We’ve heard from campus leaders who have provided us with an overview of divisional goals and objectives.  Now it is time for us to collaboratively focus on our goals as an institution and make clear our priorities. 

Focus on Goals:

· Raise the value of the Slippery Rock University degree
Provide demonstrable success in achieving a degree

            - Improve satisfaction with SRU experience

· Visible integration of academic and student life experiences

- Coordinated and supported out-of-class intellectual experiences

- Leadership development

- Respect for diversity

· Control our own financial destiny

- Continue to effectively manage our existing resources

- Provide increased utilization of the Regional Learning Alliance

- Complete development of Business Incubator

- Increase private fund development

We will continue to move forward in our planning and promote our draft strategic plan to the university community.  A Cabinet Retreat is scheduled January 27 – 29, 2008 with campus leaders to review the Strategic Plan and assure that key elements of our subplans are included in the master plan. 

President Smith thanked the group for their dedication to this process. 

Closing Remarks
Following brief discussion, President Smith adjourned the meeting.  

Next Meeting Date
The next meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee is TBD.  

Respectfully Submitted – Tina L. Moser