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 General Education Program 



Revise the general education curriculum to achieve the desired outcomes as specified in the catalog. (AA)

The general education program will demonstrate that it is producing the learning outcomes consistent with the goals of the university.

During spring 2005 the liberal studies program was revised and the assessment committee is engaging with the liberal studies committee

The general education program drafted the Liberal Studies Program Assessment Plan (Spring 2006), and will undergo a 5-year review in Spring 2007.

The Liberal Studies Assessment Plan was completed, approved and initiated in the 2006-2007 academic year.  Dr. David Starrett, Dean of the School of University Studies at Southeast Missouri State University, served as external reviewer for the Liberal Studies Program, and provided the Liberal Studies Committee with a useful, thorough, critical and positive review of the program.

The Liberal Studies Assessment plan was implemented in the 2006-2007 academic year. The committee has developed a scheduled plan to assess all liberal studies courses that are offered. The committee has finalized the assessment plan schedule for the 2008-2009 academic year, and has sent it out to all department chairpersons.

The Liberal Studies Assessment committee continues to assess all liberal studies courses that are offered.  The Committee has enlisted the assistance of the Assessment Core Committee with the assessment of liberal studies courses.  In addition, two faculty members have stepped forward to chair the Liberal Studies Committee. 

The Liberal Studies Assessment Reports of courses have started to be presented to the committee. The committee decided to re-elect the two co-chairs. This year, Interim Dean Tsuquiashi-Daddesio, Lori Zulauf and Ana María Caula, co-chair and member of the committee respectively, attended AAC&U’s meeting on General Education. The consensus of the three after attending separate meetings on the issue was that SRU’s level of assessment of liberal studies is among the most advanced, while identifying areas for improvement. As a consequence, both Zulauf and Caula will submit a proposal for a conference paper on SRU’s achievements at the next General Education meeting in Chicago in March 2011.