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Slippery Rock University Pride Center 

 Frequently Asked Questions 



What resources are available to someone who identifies as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, or Ally (LGBTQIA)?
There are three major resources: GISO, RockOUT, and the Pride Center. These three resources often work together to achieve similar goals.

What is GISO?
GISO is the President’s Commission for Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation. Members serving on GISO are selected by the university president from all ranks of the university; students, faculty, staff, administrators. The purpose of GISO is to monitor the campus climate for the entire LGBTQIA community and to make recommendations to the President to improve the climate. GISO works in concert with RockOUT and the Pride Center to sponsor programs and outreach to the campus community.

What is RockOUT?
RockOUT is the student LGBTQIA organization whose purpose is to educate the campus community about LGBTQIA, and to advocate and support the LGBTQIA students. RockOUT hosts social events and sponsors campus-wide programs.

What is the Pride Center?
he Pride Center is the campus hub for LGBTQIA resources, including DVDs, books, pamphlets, and information. It also serves as a place to socialize and relax between classes. The Pride Center staff can assist in finding guest speakers for class or information for projects about LGBTQIA issues.

Where is the Pride Center?
It’s on the second floor of the Robert M. Smith Student Center, in “The Suite,” adjacent to the Women’s Center

I’m straight, but I want to support the community.
We love allies! You’ve even got your own letter right at the end of the acronym; LGBTQI – “A” as in Allies! You should know that Allies, people who support the members of the LGBTQI community, make up a significant portion of RockOUT and GISO membership. You are family, too. 

Is Slippery Rock University welcoming to the LGBTQIA community?
e think so! SRU has made significant progress over the past decade to become more LGBTQIA-friendly. The work continues every day through the President’s Commission on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation (GISO), RockOUT, and the Pride Center. Many staff, faculty, and student leaders have participated in Safe Zone training to learn more about, and to better serve, the LGBTQI community.

What is Safe Zone?
Safe Zone is a training workshop designed to inform and educate people about LGBTQIA. Faculty and staff members and student leaders who have completed the training workshop are given a Safe Zone placard or button to display prominently on their office doors or on their backpacks. The Safe Zone symbol is a visible indication to the campus community that the bearer (or wearer) is LGBTQIA-friendly and is willing to help others when asked. 

Fall Semester 2014

Oct 21 "It's Pronounced Metrosexual" Comedy Show @ 6PM, SSC Ballroom