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 BIT Membership  



The BIT includes the following core members:
  • AVP for Student Affairs, Dr. John Bonando (BIT Chairperson)
  • Director of Student Conduct, Ms. Leigh Ann Datt
  • Student Counselor, Dr. Carol Holland
  • Director of Health Services, Ms. Kris Benkaser
  • Student Intervention Services, Lisa Weinzetl
  • Student Intervention Services, Karla Fonner
  • Assistant Chief of University Police, Ms. Windy Stafford
  • Director of Retention Services, Ms. Carla Hradisky-Coffelt
  • Assistant Director of Residence Life, Mr. Mike Vigliotti
  • Executive Assistant, Ms. Claudia Fischer

    Additional Ad Hoc members include representatives from the following departments and offices who will be called to serve in an advisory capacity:
  • Residence Life
  • Services for Students with Disabilities
  • Office of Multicultural Programs
  • Academic Affairs
  • Global Engagement

"Your call says you care!"


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