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 Behavioral Intervention Team Policy 



BIT performs student intervention only.  Situations regarding faculty, staff, campus guests, etc. are referred to appropriate administrative areas (i.e., Human Resources, Provost, SEAP, etc.).

The BIT will meet regularly on a weekly basis for non-emergency meetings.  This meeting may be cancelled if no agenda exists, however, must remain on each team member’s schedule.  Should an issue arise between meetings, team members will be called together to review emerging circumstances of potential concern.  In these circumstances, the team meeting and duties become the priority over all other university business.   


  • Chairperson—Assistant Vice President for Student Services
  • Community Liaison—Assistant Vice President of Student Services
  • Point of Contact (for reporting)—Assistant Vice President for Student Services (also responsible for member notification to activate emergency meetings)
  • Emergency Point of Contact—Campus Police (will notify the Vice President of Student Affairs)

In an emergency, members of the BIT will be contacted via phone, text messaging and/or email.

Default meeting locations for convening emergency BIT sessions are:

  • 008 Old Main for on campus
  • Campus Police for off campus
  • Township Building for Township & Borough

Daily Incident Reports (compiled from Campus Police, Student Health Center and Residence Life) are reviewed daily by the BIT Recorder and distributed to the President, Vice Presidents and other constituencies.

Threats/situations are assessed using the Burns Primal & Cognitive Aggression Continua and the NCHERM CUBIT Risk Rubric.

"Your call says you care!"


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Student Intervention
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