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 Behavioral Intervention Team Reporting Process 



Faculty/staff should report classroom and residence hall disruption incidents to the Office of Student Conduct, who will determine if BIT needs to be activated based upon threshold of severity.

student of concern is identified by a member of the campus community.

The information is reported to one central location, the Office of Student Intervention Services (008 Old Main, ext. 2507), through an on-line form or by phone.

Communication with a reporting individual will be via a brief email (i.e., thank you for your report, please know that the report has been received and acted upon).  Further contact will be initiated if appropriate.

When a BIT member is informed of a student issue, he/she contacts the Chair (or alternate chair if appropriate) and provides an informal assessment regarding the level of risk.  The Chairperson will call together the BIT as appropriate.

The Chairperson will either:

  • Complete a preliminary investigation and finding of fact and determine the need for intervention.  (This may include a referral to an SRU or community resource). Or,
  • Immediately call together the team for a review of the facts and determination of appropriate action.

The Chairperson without a full team meeting may:

  • Assign the case to a team member for action or information gathering.
  • Determine if additional campus resources are needed to address the concern.
  • Recommend immediate action if a health, or safety, risk exists.

file of all data collected and action taken will be collected by the BIT group’s recorder who processes the information and records team actions then will be stored by the chairperson.

BIT members will determine appropriateness of involving parents, guardians, roommates, friends, faculty, coaches, etc. depending on level of risk and/or for external assistance.  In accordance with FERPA guidelines, the aforementioned entities may be contacted:

  • If additional information is required.
  • To help resolve an issue.
  • To issue a warning.
  • To reduce the potential for risk.

If a situation is deemed as an imminent safety threat, the President will be informed by the BIT Chairperson and/or Campus Police, who may then contact local and/or state law enforcement, FBI, Homeland Security, etc.  Local ambulance, hospital, mental health, advocacy and other resources will be accessed as necessary.

When campus emergency management protocols are activated, the BIT Chairperson notifies the President.  Campus Police and/or Public Relations work together to issue the warnings (i.e., Email, building postings, E2 Campus Notification, etc.)

BIT members will make contact with community agencies and resources as appropriate:

  • Director of Health Services—Health Related Agencies
  • Chair of Counseling Center—Mental Health Agencies, Psychological Services, Center for Crisis Response, etc.
  • Assistant Chief of Police—Local and State Law Enforcement
  • Assistant Vice President for Student Services—Governmental County Agencies, Butler County Emergency Services

If/when a student returns to campus from the emergency room or community in-patient mental health facility following a potential suicidal situation, BIT will make all attempts to contact the student in order to provide service referrals and support.

BIT will coordinate with the Director of Retention Services if/when necessary.

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